The Epistle to the Hebrews

I will be publishing my commentary on Hebrews on this page, passage by passage.

The Melchizedekian Priest-King: An Exposition of the Epistle to the Hebrews

Table of Contents

Chapter One: It is Testified Somewhere: The Authorship Question

Chapter Two: Persevere to the End: The Audience of Hebrews

Chapter Three: The Hope Set Before Us: The Argument of Hebrews

Chapter Four: Christ Above All

Chapter Five: Christ Triumphant Through Suffering

Chapter Six: Many Sons Brought to Glory

Chapter Seven: The Greater Joshua

Chapter Eight: Incarnation and Intercession

Chapter Nine: God Will Not Overlook You

Chapter Ten: After the Order of Melchizekek

Chapter Eleven: A More Glorious Covenant

Chapter Twelve: Jesus the Mediator

Chapter Thirteen: Draw Near With Full Assurance

Chapter Fourteen: The Cloud of Witnesses Seek New Jerusalem

Chapter Fifteen: The Way of the Cross

Chapter Sixteen: Seek the City to Come

Chapter Seventeen: Lessons from Hebrews for Today



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