Against Patriarchy

This page is where I will collect all of my posts on Patriarchy, in intended reading order. Patriarchy is a dangerous authoritarian system that focuses on power relationships, manipulation, and control instead of grace and the work of the Spirit. It needs to be opposed by gospel-oriented Christians everywhere.

Part One: Patriarchy is Heresy

Part Two: Patriarchy Distorts the Trinity

Part Three: Patriarchy is Judaizing Pharisaicalism

Part Four: Patriarchy Denies the Exclusive Mediation of Christ

Part Five: Patriarchy Distorts the Gospel

Part Six: Concerning Headship

Part Seven: Woman as Helper?

Part Eight: Mutual Submission

Part Nine: Masculinity and Femininity

Part Ten: Male Households?

Part Eleven: Jesus, the New Humanity

Part Twelve: Jesus the Temple

Part Thirteen: Women Apostles

Part Fourteen: Woman as Prophet

Part Fifteen: A Woman Should Have Authority

Part Sixteen: Let the Woman Not Keep Silent

Part Seventeen: Should Women Keep Silent?


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