The Terror of Sharia Law

Conservatives in the west, particularly in America, are terrified of what they call “Sharia creep,” that is the legal undermining of historic western democracy with the law-code based in the Islamic holy text, the Qur’an.

Here is what the Qur’an requires (in an excellent piece you should read):

Regardless of this nostalgia, the thought of living under any rules remotely “Islamic” repulses Westerners. Take comfort in that 99.99% of immigrant Muslims have no motivation to overthrow Western democracies. It is these republics that uphold Quranic principles such as freedom of religion and expression (2:256), equality before the law (4:135), presumption of innocence (49:6), gender equity (4:32, 33:35), social safety nets (9:60), rule of law (33:60), and strong ethics (70:21-70:33).
Freedom of religion? Gender equality? Social safety nets? No wonder conservatives are terrified of Sharia law. It represents everything they oppose in government and society.

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