On Being Too Eclectic For My Own Good

One of the things people tell me all the time is that they never know what to do with what I post about. This is probably my bad. I have become convinced I am too eclectic for my own good – at least when it comes to other people. I forget the rather steep learning curve required by many of the disciplines that interest me. So I post about things from where I am, way down the road, forgetting that most people aren’t like me and haven’t had the requisite time and reading to be comfortable in the various academic thought-worlds with which I deal every day.

I hope this blog will be a place I can revisit some of of what I have learned, forging a new pathway into explored territory, as well as post about things from where I stand as well. My hope is that this will make the daily exercise of reading this blog easier, and draw back the veil on who I am and how I think so that people can know where I am coming from.


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